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    Member longevity posting status coder labels should be changed.

    With regards to the labels which show coding levels of long time members (Master Coder etc..) that are seen on their post profile widget. I feel that these labels for coder status should be changed in order to provide a better acknowledgement for what they really mean.

    The intention of these labels as with other forums is to give back some kind of acknowledgement for forum longevity. However, in this case since this is a coding forum we cannot just assume that knowledge and talent is acquired mearly by post numbers or time on the forum. Using the current labels (or titles) could give a wrong impression as i am not a senior coder by any means.

    I feel that these labels need to be changed to something that reflects the users length or post count on the forum, but not talent related.

    So for example instead of Senior Coder it could be Supportive Member. or instead of Master Coder it could be Life Member. This way users are still acknowledged for their forum involvement without assuming their talent or knowledge and without passing possible wrong impressions to users.

    If someone wants to prove their talent they can always include their resume on their profile.

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