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    skimlinks? AGAIN?

    Seriously, that it's still even on the site is bad enough, but since it's now on ghostery's watch list and actively blocked preventing off-site URI's from even working on the forums?

    They really don't want people using this site, do they? So desperate for tracking sleazery and advertising dirtbaggery they are willing to prevent users from even being able to use the site normally?

    Shades of Microsofts "mobile" strategy.
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    I have a hunch that as things have become quiet feedback wise the site owners will gradually start bringing more and more bloat back into the html. They don't care about usability, they just care about revenue.
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    Hey guys,

    Everything is looking OK to me here: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/ed8p1v/...nks-again.html

    What exactly is so bad about Skimlinks? I honestly don't know.

    It looks legit and does not seem to be adversely affecting site performance.

    Let me know.


    Edit: I found some links:


    This is probably no more invasive than what Google or Facebook already does. You do have an opportunity to opt out of the program:

    If a User no longer wants Skimlinks to store data about the websites it visits, the links it clicks and the Merchants it buys from, it can simply opt-out here.
    That may be of little consolation to you, but this is the world we live in. If you want "real" privacy, you'll have to move to a remote part of the wilderness and live without modern amenities.

    Edit: And if you're really paranoid about online privacy, then you might explore a VPN service or the Tor browser.
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