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    vote for a new section (or fourim)

    hi guys i was wonderin if you could all vote for a c++ fourim because i find if the fourim is an exact subject then there is more traffic. so all i ask of you is to simply post a reply yes or no then when done i will direct a moderator to ot and hopefully someone will take action.

    happy coding
    hello says narf
    and narf says hello

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    I'd sure like to have some more specific forums for some purposes, but I don't think we will have that much traffic in them - look at XML for instance. It's a really low volume forum. Still, the Computer Programming forum is just about double the size of XML, which you can compare to the JavaScript Programming forum which is 40 times larger than the XML forum. On the other hand, it might be that we would get more computer programmers asking questions here if we had those forums. We're a mid-size forum, not one of the largest but not one of the smaller either. I don't think we have the momentum needed to be able to separate the different computer programming languages yet.

    But you could always ask George, I'm sure he'll listen, even if he won't do as you suggest...

    (As a totally unrelated thing, go read <http://codingforums.com/showthread.p...threadid=26104>. Your posts are sometimes hard to read.)
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    Well I don't see the point to be honest. If you're gonna separate C++ from computer programming, you might aswell separate all the other languages too. The forum works as it is now, so I don't see a need for it


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