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    [March 11th, 2013] Usergroup modifications

    Hi everyone,
    This thread is to explain a few modifications in the user group and promotions on the forums.
    Most of the changes referred to in this thread still apply with the following changes:

    Usergroup modifications:
    Registered users: New members are assigned to this usergroup. This group will no longer be able to modify their posts. So for all of our new members, please try to include all information including any relevant links within your post.
    This was done to help combat the auto-queuing of posts that the system deems suspicious (ie: has links). The problem here is once a thread is approved and posts are replied, if the OP modifies their post in any way (including saving without modifications), it typically auto-queues again and awaits moderation. This causes issues since the thread is now visible including all posts replied to, but no originating post to give them any meaning. They are also somewhat difficult to de-queue and cannot be done from the inline tools in the forum.
    A side benefit is that current illegitimate posts that modify spam in will also not occur. Please note that this restriction is raised upon promotion to the registered confirmed usergroup.

    Promotion strategy changes:
    We have seen quite a number of posts by new users that are a little. . . light on quality. The purpose of these posts appear to be to await a promotion to the registered confirmed usergroup where they can now use signatures as well as create posts without the spam filters intercepting.
    In order to help combat the illegitimate users without impacting the legitimate ones, we have reduced the amount of reputation required to 0 and enforced the reputation requirement. That is, in order to move into the registered confirmed usergroup, a user must have at least 5 posts, 7 days since registration, and at least 0 reputation (previous strategy was identical without the use of reputation). Overall our reputation system is quite underused on the forum, but I have noticed that people are more willing to give negative reputation than positive.
    So if you see any posts that are overly light on substance with the likelihood of posting for the pure purpose of getting a signature out there, feel free to give them some negative reputation to prevent them from reaching the requirements to grant a signature and getting around the post moderation filters. We can always manually move groups for legitimate users that simply got off on the wrong foot as well as reverse any accidental negatives given.
    For those that are not aware, the reputation can be given or taken by use of the little badge icon on the bottom left hand side of the post. The icon looks like so: and simply select if you approve (positive) or disapprove (negative).

    We have also reduced the requirements for Active Members usergroup. Previously this required 90 days and 50 posts, but has been reduced to 42 days and 40 posts.

    Feel free to post any thoughts on these changes. My goal here is to try and limit the spam as much as we can (the new spam filters are working fantastically), but not hinder the legitimate users at all. I hope this strikes a nice balance between the two!

    Thanks everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fou-Lu View Post
    Hi everyone,
    Most of the changes referred to in this thread still apply
    So when I hit 5000 posts I get another star? Excellent!
    Quote Originally Posted by deathshadow View Post
    So seriously, loosen up that tie, let out the belt, and try relating to normal people on the street instead of the gentleman's club crowd.

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    Looks like we can click on our own stars

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    Excellent. It's always good to see updates. Not quite sure how I feel about the requirement changes, but hey, Now the legitimate people can be taken more seriously sooner.
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    Do I have to be an active member in order to leave posts? Because I've had it a couple times where I put in the chat reply box and it doesn't save. It is kind of frustrating, because then everything you typed basically is not seen by anybody. I don't think the signature thing works either. I have over 5 posts been here for longer than 7 days and I don't have a negative reputation.

    edit: Never mind. Signature works, still can't help other people in the forum though. My text disappears.

    lol, I can report myself if I want to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGodson View Post
    edit: Never mind. Signature works, still can't help other people in the forum though. My text disappears.
    What do you mean by your text disappears? I’ve looked in the list of moderated posts and your name didn’t pop up, so all of your posts are public. And of course you can report yourself if you have any problems. That way all moderators get a notification and can react accordingly (e. g. some people request personal info from their posts to be removed).


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