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    Help wanted: Documentation threads

    My documentation threads are getting old and outdated, and I think I neither have the time nor want to put down the effort of updating them for the moment. So, I'll ask for one or two members to check the links, report what links are broken, and preferably add those resources they feel missing (If you're not a mod, I can do the editing if you tell me what to edit). As for the HTML&CSS thread, anyone who wants to dig for html resources are welcome to do so. Especially interesting is semantic web, validating code and cluey beginners tutorials.

    Please, if anyone can help and has the spare time, do so. I hate when resources pages get outdated and filled with broken links.

    So, again, please help, for the good of the cf community.
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    liorean <[lio@wg]>
    Articles: RegEx evolt wsabstract , Named Arguments
    Useful Threads: JavaScript Docs & Refs, FAQ - HTML & CSS Docs, FAQ - XML Doc & Refs
    Moz: JavaScript DOM Interfaces MSDN: JScript DHTML KDE: KJS KHTML Opera: Standards

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    Thanks liorean for maintaining the resource links up to now. The mods certainly have the authority to directly add and remove links within it. Other members, please email me to suggest additions or dead links.
    - George
    - JavaScript Kit- JavaScript tutorials and 400+ scripts!
    - JavaScript Reference- JavaScript reference you can relate to.


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