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    New sub-forum Proposal/ Suggestion

    I would like to suggest a new sub-forum for GML/ Gamemaker (programming language). The GameMaker Language is one of the most successful game-programming scripts to date, especially used with making games (don't see any computer languages more based on game development). GML has been very user-friendly, allowing game designers of all experiences to work with it.

    Created by Mark Overmars, it was designed to improve functionality and provide greater variability and usage for designers. Its popularity has grown dramatically over the years since its creation. The derivative of GML is from the C programming language.

    I think that alot of people would benefit from this, knowing that there are people [like myself] who have some experience in the coding. There can be many uses for GML, not only for gaming design (for enjoyment, application development, extension add-ons, incorporation of other programming languages). It has if-then statements, a multitude of different expression formats, strings, objects, variables, functions, etc.

    So, it would be nice to add this possibly in the Computer Programming section. Moreover, what do you think?
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    I've not seen a huge demand of help for gml in that forum. Only noticed you with the thread(s) about it. Sub-forums only happen when there's huge demand for a certain area/topic


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