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    Feedback on moderator Spookster

    codingforums.com moderator Spookster is constantly harassing me after I told him that he talks allot of **** and wastes people time, after he insulted another member who asked a straight forward question:


    codingforums.com will lose people because some peoples time is valuable and they can't be bothered with sort of crap. I recommend the revoking of his moderator status.

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    So to recap. You used profanity in your post which is in direct violation of our very clearly posted rules and you received an infraction for it. Then you send me harassing PM's insulting me for it. Then you come cry about being harassed on our feedback forum trying to play the victim. lol

    Would you like some cheese with that whine?
    Last edited by Spookster; 01-24-2012 at 04:57 AM.
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    All Hail Spookster

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    Personally spookster is a good moderator hes up for the banter kid, but he also is very experienced hence the join date?

    Please dont join a forum and within 1 month attempt to "have a moderators rights revoked" whos been here over 9 years. probaley 3 years longer than you have been alive,

    Just saying

    Please dont write a feedback post on meee....


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    Really? WRT that thread- you flew off the deep end
    Allot of people in this thread need to give the man a serious answer of stop wasting his time with your bull **** answers.
    all answers provided were serious... Rows gave a serious answer (Charlie- which I might add YOU mentioned as well), crake gave a serious answer (eugene), Fou-Lu gave a serious answer (Roy), abduraooft gave the literal translation (which keep in mind a lot of cultures name themselves off literal translations), and I myself gave an example of what I would say 80% of everyone here commonly practices (ie there member name)... in reality all of us should be spazzing on you for your blatant flaming of our ideas!

    As for Spookster- maybe minions is his real idea- you don't know... we all assume he is joking, and that is who he is- if u cannot relax and take a joke piss off-

    by the way- this is a forum to learn and better your coding skills- if you want to join a forum site that everyone will play nice (and have nothing but pretty things to say) go here... as it stands i don't think anyone was harsh to you top begin with- but now I would almost guarantee you will be met with distain

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