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    feedback is wrong on here!

    Hi guys i thought i would vent my frustration a little.

    I am a new coder of about 6-7 weeks and i am still learning.. hence why i am using this forum for help and advice.

    I am not a coder, i do this as a hobby but wish to become a coder in the future, once i get competent enough.

    Anyway i logged into my account and i realised that my feedback says "devinmaking has a little shameless behaviour recently"

    I check why within the user panel i notice that i have got a "Duh!!!" within a review on a post in which i asked why a simple if() statement does not work.

    As being a new coder of 6-7 weeks, little mistakes on, not knowing that looking for "nothing", is not looking link for "0" in size.

    I think that dicks who throw remarks at people just because they are learning need to be known when posting feedback, as i do not feel that is the right manner for this or any forum on the internet.

    This is also a thing that will make people not want to post on here if they are getting abused every time they enter a post which might be simple but until you ask and learn you would not know.

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    For my own curiosity I went to your page and looked at the "if()" post to see who posted the "Duh!!!". I found none. Looked at all of your posts and I don't see any sign of abuse any where.

    Just saying.....

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    No, he means the reputation system. When you give or take rep, you can leave a comment, and that can be seen in the control panel of a user.
    Personally, I'd say don't worry too much about it. Reputation and thanks systems are not really a driving force behind the forums at all.
    The comment itself doesn't seem to fit within any of the posts in that thread though. Unfortunately, it could just have been a user having a bad day as well. Or perhaps its actually the wrong post too, and was intended for a different post or thread.

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    Besides... you could always be like o0O0o.o0O0o he seems to love negative feedback

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