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    Msg for WA, CF Admin and liorean, CF Advisor


    I refer you to sage45, HTML & CSS Forum Moderator's HTML Posting Amendment and suggest you might want to include the same rule in this forum.

    HTML Posting Amendment
    Because of a general decline in good advise and an incline in adverse behaviour I am posting amendment. This web forum has been listed recently as a helpful resource to some students who are just learning HTML. As a general rule, this being the HTML & CSS forum means that this will be the first stop for 75% - 90% of all visitors to CodingForums.com. However, many of you have had a tendency of being harsh when encountering not-so-super markup.

    From now on there will be no opinion bashing or harsh attitudes allowed. This rules stands for both the original poster and the prospective responder. This is supposed to be a repository of knowledge where people are supposed to be able to come and learn, not some backalley MySpace board where people go to get mocked and laughed at. Any more flame wars about anything will be dealt with swiftly.

    This is a learning environment and is often visited by professionals, students and the first time developer. Keep in mind that everyone who posts on this board started somewhere and has learned by a variety of trial and error methods.

    In reference to Phillip M's response to a question about ActiveX, I do not appreciate being ridiculed as a child or an idiot. I did post a reply with a link as soon as I was able to get back to it. But I am guessing that Phillip M with 10,000 posts and Title of Supreme Master is able to demean anyone as he sees fit.

    And if I am banned because of this post then this is not the type of forum I am looking for.

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    You certainly won't be banned for expressing your concern about a member or the forum in general. With regards to you feeling like you were being ridiculed, is this the thread in question? As this is a one to one matter, please pm me with the concerns.
    - George
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