Hi guys:
It's that time again where new mods are considered! If you're a frequent member of CF in good standing and would like to become a mod, the following categories are open:

1) JavaScript programming
3) Graphics and Multimedia discussions
4) General web building
5) Perl/ CGI
6) MySQL
7) Other server side languages/ issues
8) Computer Programming
9) Technology and Sciences discussions

Obviously to be considered, you should have good working knowledge of the technology/language in question, and visit CF on a regular basis. For category 9), the mod will also be responsible for posting threads regularly relating to current Technology and Science issues for others to discuss. In other words, you must be a science buff.

For those interested, please send me a PM, and tell me your top two choices as far as the categories you wish to mod (using numbers above will do). Please note that, depending on number of people interested, not all that qualify will be chosen. There's always a next time.

p.s: I'm happy to say we actually already have one new mod, brothercake, starting last week or so. Sorry for the delay brothercake- just waiting for the others to come in before deciding which category to assign you.

This thread will be closed. Please use the PM function to let me know of your interest. Thanks.