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    Flash forum thoughts

    First I noticed there are no stickies in the Flash forum, which I believe might be helpful to have some link lists like in the Graphics forum with tutorials or general links.

    Second, I don't know how to change this, but most of the people who post there are asking vague and broad questions like "How can I animate an image and add sounds to it?", which is valid but I fear that little effort is taken to ensure they understand what their question really is. Is it a good idea or possible to encourage them to do a little research before asking such broad questions? I don't want to discourage people from asking questions regardless of what they are, but a lot of times I can't really help with the issue because I don't have time to write a tutorial.

    Ideas or thoughts?
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    Wouldn't it be perfect if you could write a piece of code that either; made someone read the rules and guidelines before posting, made them use their own common sense and try things first, or re-wrote exactly what they typed in a form that would actually answer their own question with something along the lines of "Oi, muppet. Why don't you go and read something first?"

    But unfortuntely we can't so people are always going to ask questions that you frustratingly can't answer because you simply don't have the time or energy to write a novel. I would suggest a simple response with some references would suit in that instance.

    Agree with the sticky thing though... might help with the second problem, especially if you categorise the references and helpful links. I'm sure if you felt the need to write one yourself, some kind and caring moderator would sticky it for you
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