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    Dynamic Menu with Flash MX 2004 Pro

    Hello all,

    I need one of two things... Can someone point me to a tutorial on making a dynamic data-driven flash menu using php/xml/flash mx pro 2004


    I have a flash menu that I've created in Flash MX Pro - and now I'm to the point where I want to start coding for the menu to appear on button rollover. The menus get their info from an XML file created by a PHP script. This keeps the content in the menu fresh with the current categories, etc..

    This is my staging area:

    As you can see, I have the XMLConnector and a DataSet above each of the buttons that will be displaying a dynamic menu on rollover.

    I was going to use a datagrid to display, but I don't think that will work..

    Even so - would I use a Menu UI component or a text are component or what?

    Also - what would I use for actionscript to actually display the submenu on rollover.

    For instance - I have an xml connector called hrdware_con along with a dataset called hardware_ds and then what _xxx would be for a Menu component or whatever I should use?

    Does this make any sense and can anyone help?

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