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    hitTest problems

    Hi. I'm new to coding and to this site.
    Having trouble getting hitTest to work. I'm following a pretty simple tutorial for a Pong ame, and I've gotten just about everything to work but I'm stuck on collisions. The weird thing is, the hitTest works for the cpuPaddle consistently, but for the playerPaddle it only works one time and then won't for the rest. Seems like a glitch to me and made me wonder if I need to import something?

    Here's everything I'm importing:

    import flash.events.Event;
    import flash.events.*;
    import flash.display.Stage;

    Here's the the part where I'm using the hitTest:

    if( playerPaddle.hitTestObject(ball) == true){
    		if(ballSpeedX < 0){
    			ballSpeedX *= -1;
    	}else if(cpuPaddle.hitTestObject(ball) == true){
    		if(ballSpeedX > 0){
    			ballSpeedX *= -1;

    playerPaddle, cpuPaddle, and call are all objects on the stage..
    why would one work but not other? and why would it only work one time?

    I greatly appreciate you :)
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    AS is a long time ago for me, but i would guess that you need to add this function into your onEnterFrame function. Anything else looks good beside you don't need == true. Just if( playerPaddle.hitTestObject(ball)) should be fine
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