I have a button that saves a users input, and every time that the user presses this save button it sends the input text into a textfield. i already have an array setup with my all my textfields, but it saves one user input to all my textfield

Here is my array code, and input to text code

public function ctext(): void {
        trace("view is still ", view.visible)

        var aTEXT: Array = new Array();
        var nTEXT: Number = 10;

        for (var i: Number = 0; i < nTEXT; i++) {
            var newText: tbox = new tbox()

            newText.x = view.gg.x + 450;
            newText.y = 88 + i * newText.height + i * 3.8;
            addChildAt(newText, 8);
            trace(" view", view.x);
            trace( "this is atext",aTEXT[1]);

    // this is where the input text is sent to my array of textfields

            newText.cn.text = ps1.CN.text, "";
            newText.pn.text = ps1.PN.text, "";
            newText.ad.text = ps1.Ad.text, "";
            newText.ot.text = ps1.OT.text, "";


What I need help in, is how can I get it to save in one textfield box at a time, and so on?

thank you