So I'm taking a computer science course and for a project we have to make our own "flappy bird" game using GreenFoot, and I decided to make a halo theme to mine. I decided that I wanted to make multiple characters to chose from. Noble 6, Jun, George, Emile, Carter and Kat. So right now I'm just trying to get my screen to switch from Splash screen to game screen and spawn in the character selected. This is what i have written for my world so far:
import greenfoot.*;

public class InterfaceBackround extends World
Noble6 n6;
Carter cpt;
Kat kat;
George grg;
Jun jun;
Emile em;
StartButton sb;
public InterfaceBackround()
super(350, 500, 1);

sb = new StartButton();
this.addObject(sb, 60, 400);

n6 = new Noble6();
this.addObject(n6, 60, 400);
Greenfoot.setWorld(new GameScreen());

I have to make an if statement that will say "if n6 is selected is true than place Noble 6 on the screen and what I'm trying to ins't working, I might have some other problems in my coding as well.So if you guys can tell me why this isn't working too well I'd appreciate it allot!!!