Help! I've got this project I've been working on but I can't seem to understand how to do it. I am not familiar how to use ExternalInterface and such. Is mouse over for the first time any different than a normal mouse over? Can anyone show me the code for these ActionScript or kindly explain to me how I can do this through discussion? I'd like to learn more about this thank you.

Intermediate ActionScript 3.0 Development Task

1. Using the assets linked below create a SWF (AS3) that when the expand button is clicked displays the expand state.

a. No assets should be embedded within the SWF (Max Size of 80kb)
b. Areas that are not controls should click through to

c. Auto play the video ( provided in assets ) within the expand state when the expand button is clicked.

d. External libraries such a TweenLite/Max can be used.

e. When the expand button is clicked a transition to the expand state should occur.

f. Use ExternalInterface to send unique strings to a javascript function named
"flashInterface" when the following occurs:

i. SWF is moused over for the first time*
ii. SWF is interacted with for the first time* (any click except on the collapse
iii. Click areas are clicked
iv. Expand button is clicked
v. Collapse button is clicked
vi. Video started*
vii. Video end is reached*
viii. Bonus: also trigger events on video first quartile*, mid*, third quartile*,
mute*, unmute*
*These events should only be sent using external interface once.
g. Complete the unit without the use of flash timeline.
h. Bonus: What strategy would you use to allow developers to swap out the assets for
this SWF without having to republish the SWF?


Intermediate HTML/JavaScript/CSS Task

1. Using the assets linked below create an image carousel using JavaScript

a. The carousel should have next and previous buttons that should display the corresponding image when clicked

b. The carousel should loop back to the start if next is clicked when the last image in the carousel is clicked

c. Underneath the carousel thumbnails of each carousel image should display and when a thumbnail is clicked the carousel should switch to the clicked image

d. The carousel should display and function properly cross browser (IE8+) and for mobile and tablet devices

e. Bonus: Use only raw JavaScript or jQuery without any external libraries for the carouselís functionality