I had done some Flash authoring w/ActionScript programming back when
version 9 was the newest, with 10 just coming up.
I have two questions, really:
What is new and worth knowing? Like, is Flash passing into obsolescence,
super ceded by html5? I hear Apple is not including Flash on its smart phones.

Also, I did an mp3 music player in Flash/ActionScript with external
interface using javascript to tell flash the play list of mp3 files to
load on user selection and what selection to play. I did versions compatible
with Flash versions 7, 8, 9, & 10. One problem I had was getting a small
animation to play while the selection is being downloaded.
Is there a general, all purpose code snippet I can refer to?
I have a couple of games and an application that I would like to do Flash
versions of, that are now written in javascript.