I'm new in this forum and I would like to introduce myself. If I've posted in the wrong forum please tell me. I have been buying and trying books that uses AS 2.0 from 2009, mainly of game development. Since that I have become interested in programming but I even didn't understand making algorithms much. The main reason is that I just copied the codes from the book without understanding them. In 2011 I joined the school's Computer Olympiad team. I passed the city selection but failed in the provincial selection. Now I've just graduated from my high school but I'm not in a computer science college. Despite that I have a strong curiousity and recently I have just figured out an algorithm how to make a typing program in Flash. I really want it to be able to use a backspace function and a screenshot function.

Actually I would like to build it in Flash 3.0 (CS4 and above) but my laptop is not compatible with them.

Here is the screenshot of how the program will be. I used brush since I don't understand AS 2.0.


Here is the basic script of the program in algorithmic language. Are there any ways to make an AS language version of this script? If so, how?


This is the basic script, with backspace functions. The problem is that it can only erase a character just previously typed. Are there solutions to this problem?


Your answers will be highly appreciated. Thanks

PS: English is not my primary language, in my region it is considered as a foreign language.