Hello, I am new here and am about to lose my 'everloving' mind with this site I am personalizing for my sister's boss. Yes, it is a template from TemplateMonster but it is doing the strangest thing when tested in IE9. It cuts off the entire site leaving, about, the bottom 15% - 20% of the movie visible. I have tried to find this issue throughout Google but maybe am not putting the correct words into the search engine to describe this complete annoyance.

Enough of the ranting, you guys can see it for yourselves...

Open IE9 and browse here: http://mgmsignaturerentals.com/test/test/index.html

And no, compatibility view does not work BUT zooming in does, to an extent. View the source, if you will and let me know if it's the coding in the index or not. I am out of resources and ideas, any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!