Hello Everyone,

I have a 50 by 30 square map, of which your unable to view the entire map. You are able to view approximately double of the example image which can be seen below in the normal viewing area of the Flash map viewing space I have.
I would like the users to be able to click and drag on the map to look around, alike your able to on Google Maps, however I'd also like to have set boundaries as unlike Google Maps, I do not want the map to loop.
I would also like to be able to have the feature to zoom in and out via the mouse-wheel and/or a slider. The maximum the user should be able to zoom out is the full size of the map and when they zoom in, if the do so via mouse-wheel, it should zoom in where their mouse is focused on. It would also be useful to enable a double-click feature to also zoom into the map by a certain percentage.

This is the basics of the what i would like to start from and build up from. I have the layout, buttons and map already made but I do not know how to program the functions and whatnot.

If anyone could either help me along the way, post an example link/tutorial/download or even a cheap-ish purchase, I would be ever so grateful.

Best Regards,