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    Advice for creating Flash sites

    Hi all,

    I am a PHP & HTML programmer, but wanting to delve into flash programming for websites.

    Any advice or tutorials people could give me?

    I have used flash before, but not very good in it.



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    hi, I'm a FLEX/AIR programmer so I may be able to give a bit of advice or two:

    I think that Flash has gotten a bad name because of bloated sites, bad banner ads, and crap animations.

    here's some things I've learned:

    1. keep it simple and engaging
    2. use the lightweight Sprite class when you can (as opposed to the MovieClip)
    3 use multiple swfs when possible as opposed to one big one (modules)

    and it all depends on what you want to do. Since I'm not much of an animator: I use it for rich internet applications, so I use the more 'code based' FLEX framework. If you're more into the design/animation aspect, then use Flash CS5

    I hope that helps,



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