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    Google doesn't read the flash text in my flash website.

    This is because I use movie clips within other movie clips.

    I wondered if anyone knew a workaround or trick that I could use to get text into google. I have a couple ideas but they're just ideas.

    I would like to create an alternate page that is not flash, but a regular html page with all of the text I want google to read inside it. Somehow I use code to tell it that when a user clicks on the link, to redirect them to the flash webpage, but when a search engine sees it, to send the search engine/google to that regular html page, where it will gather all of the text and then that text will show up on google's page when you do a search and my site on google? Even if this was possible, would google frown upon this and ban me or something?

    The other idea I have is to use invisible text at the bottom of my page. This will be regular html text that is the same color as my background. But I heard this can get you banned from search engines like google if you are using lots of keywords, but I wouldn't be using keywords. I'd be using the few sentences of content that their stupid crappy technology doesn't read, forcing me to bust my hump trying to find a workaround for. It sucks that google doesn't even use keywords in my metadata for rankings either. So I can't even use that with them.

    Anyone got some ideas/info?

    Thanks in advance.

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    (While I was hoping someone would reply to my question, I thought I'd take a look around and see if there were any questions I could help with, so here goes...)

    If you're still looking for help with this, here's one idea:

    Perhaps if you use the 'standby' attribute in defining your <object> element, assuming you're using one, Google might pick it up for indexing.

    The 'standby' attribute defines a text to display while the object is loading - since it would just be text on the page, it shouldn't cause you any problems and I would think will cause your page to be indexed with it.


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