When I try to access my website with chrome it crashes, meaning stuck while loading, and all other windows stuck too so I have to close all chrome pages and reopen.
I'm kind of desperate because I'm failing in solving this for almost a week!

here is my website: http://www.rubiksplace.com

It seems that the Rubik's applet cause this crash, because when I take them off (or disables java plugin) it dosen't crash. However, taking them off but leaving one java applet steel working.

The problem is that the chrome alternately crashes so nothing I know for sure.

Also taking off the google plus one seems to fix the problem.. So I took it off now.

The crazy thing is it used to work before (I even used older version, and its stuck too).

All other browser are fine to the best of my knowledge.

Here is a working websites with these applets: http://software.rubikscube.info/AnimCube/

1. Is surfing with chrome crashes my website for you? (took off G+1)
2. Have an idea how I fix this thing? (Including the applet and G+1)