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Thread: As3 question

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    As3 question

    I am ok with AS2 but very fuzzy with AS3.
    I have a code for an intro that sends to a URL on clicking "Skip" I need the action to send to the last frame of the scene and stop.
    Anyone's help would be much appreciated.
    Code is below.
    regards to all.

    text_txt.htmlText = MovieClip(root).contentXML.SkipText;
    text_txt.autoSize = "right";
    text_txt.selectable = false;

    function GoToLink(e:MouseEvent) {
    var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(MovieClip(root).contentXML.Link);


    this.useHandCursor = true;
    this.buttonMode = true;
    this.mouseChildren = false;
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