is there any way to change the aspect ratio of a video as it's played on another website? see the following clip:


it's a 6:9 video stretch to 6:9. id like to tell the video to play as 4:3, which will make it look correct.

what i'd like to do is create a favorites button in the style of this:


it uses the "javascript:..." syntax to manipulate "3rd party" websites. that way, a person can run non-native javascript on any website.

as such, how can i tell flash videos to change their aspect ratio? i've seen a lot of sites where you can right click and change the ratio or that have a button in the flash SWF file that allow you to change it. i assume this is specific to the SWF file used, but there HAS to be some parameter or setting or whatever to change the aspect ratio.

can anyone provide me a working code snippet that will manipulate the youtube video i posted above and change its aspect ratio?