This is my first post, and I read the guidelines and did a search for this topic, but I found no results. So... Is there a way to preload an SWF file? On my website, I have a short greeting (audio file) in several languages, depending on which international flag you click on. The files are in SWF format with a single white pixel in place at the bottom of my HTML code, so that it loads last.

The sound files are not finalized, as each of them will have background music scored for each language. If you click on the Hawaiian flag, the music starts right away because I didn't use Flash, I used a QuickTime .mov file that streams, giving me the effect I want. However, testing this on several friends' Windows machines, the QuickTime component isn't available, and they have to go to the QuickTime site and download and install the components. So this method isn't really effective.

Since Flash is much more universally installed, I wanted to know if it is possible to pre-load the SWF file so that when the page renders, the greeting/music plays instantly. Right now, there's a significant delay while the SWF file loads, so it gives the impression that there's no sound for the homepage.

Can anyone help me?