Hi there, so I think I have some syntax issue with how Iím handling gotoAndPlay in AS3 . I have my main stage, then a movie symbol called Copenagen. In the Copenhagen symbol is a close button, but it doesnít really work.. Take a look at http://www.cullend.com/portfolio.html Ė click the first piece of paper at the bottom. Notice the dot in the top right Ė itís a temp close button. Clicking it just replays the Ďupí animation :/ any help at all is greatly appreciated.

If you want to look at the actual .FLA www.cullend.com/portfolio.zip has the .FLA

Iím about to be out of a job due to layoffs so just trying to get my portfolio up as quickly as possible for potential employers. So any help that anyone can give is greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated.
closeb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClickcb);
function onClickcb(MouseEvent):void
    MovieClip(root).space = 0;