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    Question swf controller/skin not showing up in html??

    Hi all,

    I am very much a novice at web coding and am kind of winging it here. I'm a pro photographer and am putting together some html pages for my website.
    I know some very basic html and css, no javascript and just opened my Flash CS4 today. I am trying to add a .swf file to a page which I generated in Flash CS4 by importing a quicktime movie into a CS3 Action Script file, converting that to a .flv file and exporting it with a template 'skin' to a .swf file. I then added that .swf file via DreamWeaver to my html page which I otherwise coded myself with PageSpinner.

    I am tearing my hair out because the 'skin' is not showing up in the html page.
    I've tried a 'SkinOverPlayFullscreen', 'SkinUnderPlayFullscreen' skin and both 'autohideskin=true' and 'autohideskin=false' parameters. I even made more room in the table data for the skin to show up at the bottom (I know I should be using div tag but this was an old html which I will revise, lol)
    It shows up when I open the .swf file with Flash Player but not in the html page. Also, when I play the file in Flash player and hit the 'pause' button, the movie pauses but the audio continues, rats! If you play the file you will notice some audio 'hiccups'. How can I avoid these?
    I obviously want to give viewers the option to pause the movie on a certain frame and/or view the movie full screen without the 'skin' inside the viewing composition (this is why I would prefer the 'autohide skin' feature).

    Here is an overview of what I have in my root directory:

    inside the 'olga' root directory I have:


    jpegs directory with several graphics, logo etc.

    media directory with olga_10.swf, olga_web.flv, SkinOverPlayFullscreen.swf

    scripts directory with expressinstall.swf, swfobject_modified.js

    Any input to help me ding this would be great.

    Thanks in advance.


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    SkinOverPlayFullscreen.swf is not loading, for reasons that are difficult to answer at the moment, but check this for ideas.

    jeremy - gnomeontherun
    Educated questions often get educated answers, and simple questions often get simple answers.


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