I'm afraid to say I'm quite new to Flash development (although I know a fair amount about programming in general). Up until now I've been using some stock scripts to make basic video and audio players, but most recently I've been wanting to extend the basic player -

Just a couple of specific problems I'd like to work out -

One is - I'd like to be able to resize the stage according to the size (and aspect ratio) of the video - to do this so far I've been trying by using an external function call to javascript:

function onMetaData(info:Object):void {
	objInfo = info;
	ExternalInterface.call("videoPlayer.resizeVid", info.width, info.height, mcVideoControls.height);
As you can see it happens on meta load, and in order to do that I have to attach the net stream, start playing the video to load the meta data, and then pause it:

ncConnection = new NetConnection();
	ncConnection.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netStatusHandler);
	nsStream = new NetStream(ncConnection);
	nsStream.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netStatusHandler);
	nsStream.client = this;
	nsStream.bufferTime = BUFFER_TIME;
	bolLoaded = true
What's happening is the player loads up at it's original size, and then with a jolt is resized as required, but responsiveness and load time of the video is very bad and hangs the browser quite easily...

I guess the two questions I have are:

1) Is there some sort of threaded pre-load I can use so that the video doesn't load with such a jolt and the responsiveness of the player isn't compromised
2) is there a way of obtaining the meta data of the video without loading it fully?

Many thanks