I'm a completely noob, i use the trial vers. of Adobe CS4 and I'm currently working on an animated skype-button.
I inserted the button successfully on my website.
Now I'd like to attach the following command in AS3 to my movieclip when someone clicks on it:


I tested it with the following code:

var targetURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest("Callto://mySkypeId");

but that leads to an automatic start of the skype application whenever the swf is running resp. when entering the site.
So basically I'd like to replace the "this.stop()" by something like "when hovering on the swf-file - show a hand (shows its active) - and when you click on it - you're able to call the owner of the site with skype.

Someone told me to use the following code - but as I'm a newbie I dont know how to replace the word "yourFunction" ?? Do I have to "create" a new function?? Isn't the "btn" the name of the mc I use in my fla to attach the code? Sorry...very confusing..

btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, yourFunction);
var targetURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest("Callto://mySkypeId");
function yourFunction(e:MouseEvent):void{

And also that code shows up the following coding error:

1061: addEventListener - method not defined.

If someone could help me how to enable the swf to do so - that would be great!!!
Thanks in advance...