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    my hapless interview

    Hi as a novice i had a hapless interview recently. even now i cant figureout the answers for these questions which they asked me!
    They are:

    Please solve the following problems,
    1. Create an application with the following functionality:
    - Receive default parameter employee name from a html page
    - Use those parameters to load an employee specific XML file that
    contains age, address (could be multiple), companies worked for
    (again could be nested), address, phone numbers and hobbies (could be
    - Display the results in a datagrid

    2. Create an app with the following functionality:
    - Receive default parameters (city name) from the html page
    - Use those parameters to call the Weather web service
    - Display the current weather (in degrees) along with the location.
    - Create a simple form to allow the location to be changed and the
    service hit again to update the display.

    ...wow..huh... how do i do it....I couldnt ask the interviewer though

    Help apprecited
    Thanks in adv.

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    We can't just do the work for you in this case- it's both unrealistic plus a form of cheating, as your potential employer is using this test to gauge your knowledge, not someone else's.

    Closing thread.
    - George
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    - JavaScript Reference- JavaScript reference you can relate to.


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