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    Smile create a game on flash .. im new to this ...

    basically my idea is .. to have some sort of a puzzle .. were i could create multiple shapes .. using 5 simple shapes on flash .. (then on an interactive screen...ltr) ...

    using simple basic shape ideas and wen hovered over it a sound will play wen moving it into play and wen complete and rythematic sound will play once completed .. using 5 selected notes or beats in multiple rythm sounds .. to match each puzzle on complition

    but first i want to create this game on flash .. any help you can give me !


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    Well, being new to Flash means you should start with the basics instead of jumping straight to a complicated thing like a game. I'm not sure I completely understand your game concept, but there is a thread in my signature with a lot of Flash Tutorials, check it out and more importantly buy a book (there are even some about game design, but those are for AFTER you know the basics of Flash).
    jeremy - gnomeontherun
    Educated questions often get educated answers, and simple questions often get simple answers.


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