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    txt file animation

    I have a txt file which I have imported into flash via dynamic text, it all works. Im just wondering if its possible to animate the text? What I mean by that is... in my txt file it has breaks in it, so when it gets imported into flash it come out in about a 100 lines or so. I want the animation to ,if possible, show 1 line from the text file, a second or 2 later the next line and so on

    is that even possible or do I have to copy the enitre txt file and do it manually?

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    You can do what you are talking about, I'm sure, but I'm not completely sure what that is.

    Essentially you can send each string as a unique variable, and add it to a text area on the stage (either in the GUI or with Actionscript) and animate it (again with the GUI or Actionscript).

    Look at some Actionscript tutorials about strings in my signature.
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    If you already have the text file loading into flash part working the reast is fairly simple.

    If you want to break it up into segments you can use the String.split("\n") to break up the lines. That'll give you an array which you can manipulate however you want. You can run a loop to place each line into a dynamic text field inside an empty MC, then animate each of those MCs in whatever fashion you like.

    If you have more specific specifications, I can help you further.
    Feel free to e-mail me if I forget to respond ;)


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