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    Increasing document size to fix larger content?

    Hi all,

    I started creating my simple flash movie. I originally selected the default workspace but as i got further into creating my movie many elements are outside of the document space. Now ive finished, obviously when i publish it the parts are cut off.

    But I when i increase the width it doesnt increase it from the center of the content it just pushes the empty space out to the right. And when i try to select everything in the timeline and move it, things go everywhere and the movie breaks up.

    Sorry for such a basic question!

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    How are you "selecting" everything from the time line? Are you dragging your mouse over items. Are you clicking on the timeline itself or are you using CTRL + A? The last one should work for your needs.

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    It's best form to create a root movie clip, so you don't run into this kind of problem (also keeps your projects modular, so you can use and reuse). But that said, assuming you have multiple layers then you need to hold down ctrl and click on each layer in your root level, then use the arrow keys to bump them around.


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