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    Need help with gotoandplay and another issue

    The gotoandplay action is acting like the gotoandstop. It just sits on the initial frame.

    I am tryng to play the _on and _off states of the mc-> contentHome_mc. But it just stops on the first frame. This movie clip will act as the page transitions.

    <----------- ----------->

    After this problem is sorted out I have another problem too. I have setup my rollover buttons in another timeline and the page transitions in another. None of them are in the root timeline. Now I cant seem to get it to work even with relative paths.

    I have setup the page content in the "content layer" in the root timline. And the rollover buttons in the separate layer "LeftNavMain". Now I am not able to get the page transitions to work from there.

    Download the FLA

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    What version of Flash are you using? I'm guessing above Flash 8.
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