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    Community software for sale

    First of all. I apologize for my english. Its not my native language.

    My offer:

    I want to sale a comunity software with a lot (probalbly many more than you know from other communitys) of functions for 7000 US Dollar.

    About the standard functions (i guess every community has those)
    • Webcam chat

    • Comment system

    • Hot or not function (Vote between two members)

    • Filter (let your users use a filter function. So only those members can get in touch which fits into it)

    • Bake your dream partner function

    • User groups (private groups)

    • Add friends, relatives or relationship

    • Credit system

    • Become VIP User (credit system)

    • Gifts to members

    • Smile to members

    • Loan credits to members

    • Online games (Right now only four in a row is included with setting of stakes, settings per draw and so on. But it is easy to add more games) Play vs computer or vs members

    • Mark friends on images

    • Share videos

    • Share news

    • Share facebook

    • Gallery (public, only for friends, only for selected users)

    • Fakecheck (could be setted as a "must have")

    and many many more

    About the functions, i've never seen in other communities

    • Add locations (the oppurnity for your clients to promote theyre bars, discos and so on)

    • Add events (the oppurnity for your clients to promote theyre partys,events and so on)

    • Add private events (non profit. The oppurnity for your members to invite theyre friend to birtday partys, marriages and so on)

    • Members could offer free rides to an event

    • Rate for events and locations

    Spezial events even give the oppurnity to give credits to the visiters (if registered on your community) and let theyr profiles be shown up in a slide animation with a beamer at the location.

    (The beamer is not included of course ) But the offline software. Just click on "generate" as admin and download the generated file for your beamer. Also you may print the user names and an special code for each for theire credits (if setted)

    • Blog / News / Diary system

    • Rate / Vote system. For all users. So they can set a blog with a vote or a rate function (e.g. how do you like this?) shown with stars

    • Profile vote

    • Forum system

    • Classified advertisements System and / or rating system in categories. E.g. advert (Jobs->Job offers, Jobs->Looking for job) with direct email contact to the author
      E.g. rating (Rate for movies) Movies->Genre, Movies->Genre->Thriller and so on and so on. Your users can add articles which can be rated by other members

    and many many more

    Absolutely new (never seen this anywhere else)

    Franchise system. You have one Webspace but many many domains? Attach your domains to your community directory and you have many different communitys but keeping all your members (They can log in in each of your domains with only one registration on one of them) But anything else is different. Different forums, different news, different comercials(if you wnat to use them to get extra money) and so on. Members and member activities are shown on every domain, like one domain.

    Franchise system for your members

    Each member can create its own community with different forums, differnet news,different colors and so on and so on. (like myspace tryed it. But in a lot better way)

    Each member can also add its own contents. E.g. "About me", "My family", My whatever". so also your business members could use it to promote theyre products, company and so on.

    You and your members could change the colors, logo and favicon of theire community anytime. So every community looks different.

    The administration tool inside allows everybody to change this by mouse. Doesent matter if you want to use gradients or single colors.

    As more franchise communitys you have, as more your members growing for every community.

    There are many more functions and too many to write everything down (with my bad english)

    Ups. I forgot. You can use this community multilingual. PHP recognize from where the community is visited. But of course you have to set each language. Standard right now is German (Sorry). But im on it to translate everything to english and maybe french. (which is not included by the way. You have to do this on your own with the admin system) Then i will activate the languages and you can choose by clicking at the language flags.

    If you want to see this comunity in action, pleas visit damingo.de. That is my client for which i made ist. But thats the small version. But he already has a couple of users, so you can see the user actions.

    If you want to see the big version (which we are talking about) please visit ladano.com. I went online today, so there are no users right now.

    Please contact me if you have any further questions
    at [email protected]

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    Its looking Good. I would like to see its demo. If you share its snapshots or demo links here then i would be useful for us to checkout that easily.

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    Any updates about your service? Where can I find additional info about you?


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