1) Domain for sale: loans-4.com

2) Registrar domain is registered at: Moniker

3) Asking Price (or if auction, starting bid plus end time in days): Start 10,000

4) Payment method (ie: Paypal, Escrow etc): both

5) Additional Info about domain: We went with a different name in the end for our financial services site so have this one to sell: Loans 4 - loans-4.com and can include loans-4.co.uk

Also have these 3 as a group. Good terms in a good industry:

Your Borrowing - yourborrowing.co.uk
Your Credit History - yourcredithistory.co.uk
Your Rent - yourrent.co.uk

Sites on them are holding pages only (only the main page is not noindex/nofollow on some). I don't go in for that Sedo parking stuff as it can seriously damage the rankability of a domain once sold. It took me nearly 12 months to clean up one site I bought using GWT and a huge number of 301s/404s.

Thanks for looking