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    Reverse engineer eventListner function

    I am trying to get phone number off a webpage, the phone number only reveals after a click event. the browser also sends a OPTIONS and POST requests but they return nothing (I think they are there to confuse the data miners) because the click event works even when the computer is offline. So, the data is being delivered with the actual webpage but is in some other form. I cannot understand javascript very well that is where I need help.
    The webpage url is https://www.madlan.co.il/bulletin/fJBOFrnJWyg and attached image shows the click event area..-screenshot-2019-07-03-4.17.48-pm.jpg

    I only need to know how is the data being recieved and how it's converted to actual phone numbers.

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    click on the link you have provided
    place your cursor over the phone nuber
    right click
    when the context menu appears
    click on inspect element
    you will see the phone number
    in the html code


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