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    Lightbulb [Help] DOM Events: How to add an item & execute classList.toggle

    Hi everyone,

    For the last week, I have been trying to find the code that would help me fix this issue. I haven't been able to move forward until I actually get the code working. This is the issue:

    What works:
    1. When you click the delete button for each item, it will removed
    2. When you tick the Hide all items all items below will be hidden.

    What doesn't work:
    1. When I enter a value in the add an item box and click the add button the value appears for 1 second and then it disappears?
    2. I can't seem to find a code will execute the classList.toggle.
    (i.e. when clicking the list item, it toggles the .done class on and off)

    See attached screenshot to view my code and would really appreciate it if anyone can have a look and point me in the direction if I am doing something wrong?


    Thank you in advance.

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    It would be helpful to see a working example of this somewhere, although i am guessing it is not online. It would help to see what state that item is still in i was going to to copy it over onto codepen and have a look then i remembered its a image, pm me the sample files, or even just the code displayed in that screenshot. Im sure i could help you out.

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    It would be 100% better for us and faster for you if you post your code using code tags.

    Just a fast look at your pictures and I'm guess (cause I can't test it) that you should be adding your appendChild to the DIV id iteem-list UL and not the DOM.

    I personally would give that UL an ID to simplify things.
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