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Thread: newbie question

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    Question newbie question


    I'm working on a final study project and I need to use DOM to create dinamic pages but I'm new in DOM so I'm a bit confused.

    The first thing I want to know is what version of the DOM core are implemented in IE6 and in NS6.2? I plan to make my pages compatible with those browers and I need to know what DOM specification should I use!

    Can I make a suggestion here? (If not, please, just erase the next part...) Why don't you create a forum for JSP? If you create one I think I could collaborate on it!

    Well thats it! Thanks to all and sorry for my engrish!

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    IE6 implements the DOM Level 1 Core.

    NS6.2 implements DOM1, all of DOM2 except for parts of the DOM2 Styles CSS interface and DOM2 Traversal's NodeIterator. I'm not sure if DOM3 XPath was implemented by NS 6.2, but is present in later Gecko builds.


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