I have a drag & drop event where the user can drag an image into an area and when they do so the information for that image appears.

I'm wondering if there is a way that I can add text that will follow the image when dragged?

Right now this is my code

// JavaScript Document

var profilePic = new Array("chad","george","gray","photo","nick","renee");

var profileName = new Array("Chad","George","Gray","John","Nick","Renee");

var profileTitle = new Array("Global Ops Communications","Design, Systems Development","APP/PADO INELA Authors Unleashed","Design Direction Development","National Development","International Development");

var profileBio = new Array("No description available.","No description available.","Gray Thompson a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with over 20 years small business experience joined Strategic Transitions in January of 2010 ..","John De Luca, whose area of expertise is Learning Design and Development, captures hearts and inspires learners. He has four wonderful children and is a Maple Leaf fanatic that has a weakness for chocolate cake.","A techie with a sociology degree Nick attended Nipissing University where he learned to give'r and get'er done. One of the resident renaissance men working at Strategic Transitions, Nick is not limited to one particular area of expertise.","No description available.");

function canDragDrop() {
		//alert("Your browser supports drag and drop, please continue");
		var message = document.getElementById("instructions");
		message.innerHTML = "Drag and drop feature is not supported, please use a more modern browser";

function allowDrop(e){

function drag(e){
var theData = e.dataTransfer.setData("storedId",e.target.id);

function drop(e){
	var data = e.dataTransfer.getData("storedId");
	//gets the id we saved in dataTransfer
	var nameDiv = document.getElementById("employeeName");
	var titleDiv = document.getElementById("employeeTitle");
	var bioDiv = document.getElementById("employeeBio");
	nameDiv.innerHTML = profileName[data];
	titleDiv.innerHTML = profileTitle[data];
	bioDiv.innerHTML = profileBio[data];
	var imgSource = "images/" + profilePic[data] + ".jpg";

	e.target.src = imgSource;