Hi, I'm new the the forums, but I have a question.
I'm working with a large if statement where I check to see if items are the same if the are they win simple slot machine is not so simple.
Any way the code I'm looking at needs to report a pair when the first or second spot on the row is a wild card.
for this exercise the wild card is "9" , or technically an image named 9.jpg.
var wild = slotitem[9]; 
// this is the array I have declared earlier.
// 9 is the image of the wild card
 if (
	(slotR.slot1.src == wild)  // this checks if the item is 9
	|| (slotR.slot2.src == wild) // this checks if there is a wild card in the first two positions on each line
	|| (slotR.slot1b.src == wild)
	|| (slotR.slot2b.src == wild)
	|| (slotR.slot1c.src == wild)
	|| (slotR.slot2c.src == wild)
	|| (slotR.slot1.src == slotR.slot2.src) // this checks for a natural pair.
	|| (slotR.slot1b.src == slotR.slot2b.src) 
	|| (slotR.slot1c.src == slotR.slot2c.src)
	) {
		= "A pair - You won "+Math.floor(slotR.bet.value*1.5)+" gold pieces";
		 = Math.floor(slotR.bet.value*1.5) + Math.floor(slotR.gold.value);
Please help stumbling. Here is the working page without the wild cards working.