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    Assistance Needed... Variable to JSON array


    This is my first post on this forum, so I am going to try and ask for some assistance with piece of code I am stumped upon...


    I have a site which displays an image, on top of it, I have a Canvas in which the client will click and leave a "Dot". This dot marks the coordinates (X,Y)

    I have managed to make this happen and I can get JavaScript to even display the array being created every time the mouse clicks inside the canvas...



    Unfortunately... Once I submit the string of the array (via PHP to a CSV file for now) I am getting mixed results...

    {\"X\":\"373\" <-- This in one cell
    \"Y\":\"233\"} <-- This in the next

    I assume the issue is that the file is a CSV so the comma is taken as a separator... yet for some reason I get the backslashes added too... (Still do not understand why).

    I have tried using:

    var json_array = '<?php echo json_encode('+globalCoordinates+'); ?>';

    with no success...

    I hope what I have explained so far makes any sense.

    Here is the portion of the Code I have so far...

    ==== JavaScript ====

    var mouseX, mouseY;
    var myCanvas = document.getElementById('myCanvas');
    var context = myCanvas.getContext('2d');
    var radius = 8;
    var count = 0;

    myCanvas.addEventListener('mousemove', mouseMoved,false);
    myCanvas.addEventListener('click', mouseClicked,false);

    function mouseMoved(e){
    mouseX = e.pageX - myCanvas.offsetLeft-25;
    mouseY = e.pageY - myCanvas.offsetTop -62;
    function mouseClicked(e){
    context.arc(mouseX, mouseY, radius, 0, 2 * Math.PI, false);
    context.fillStyle = '#FF1111';
    count == count++;
    document.getElementById('count').innerHTML='Total: '+count;
    document.getElementById('pcount').value= count
    getCoordinates(mouseX +","+ mouseY);

    var globalCoordinates = new Array();
    function getCoordinates(){
    globalCoordinates.push('{"X":"'+ mouseX +'","'+'Y":"'+ mouseY + '"}');

    $(function() {

    function displayCoords(){
    var json_array = '<?php echo json_encode('+globalCoordinates+'); ?>';
    document.getElementById('coordinatesTemp').innerHTML = ('<input type="text" name="coordinates" value="'+json_array);
    //document.getElementById('coordinatesTemp').innerHTML = globalCoordinates;

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    i think your php should be without quotes:

    var json_array = <?php echo json_encode(globalCoordinates); ?>;
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    If you set a javascript array as the value of an input, it will appear on the php side as a comma separated string of values. That's entirely without using JSON. So if you 'pushed'

    mouseX +"|"+ mouseY into globalCoordinates you would have something like this

    137|234,322|412 etc. at the php end, which could be exploded by first the , then the | to give your results.
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