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    Question Animated div tag > Inside tags not rendered

    Good day all

    I have the following problem with animation with the div tag.The problem is that when the tag is rendered the contents inside the tag is processed before the animation and as far as I know div is like a container for the other tags in it.The other problem I reduce the timeout speed to 1 ms and is still to slow for me.This type of slide animation looks to work fine with jquery.

    <!DOCUMENT html>



    function TextRender()
    var i = 0;
    function delay(){

    if(i++ < 500){;
    document.getElementById('output').style.width = i +'px';
    document.getElementById('output').style.height = i +'px';
    else { exit; }

    <p id="ooutput" onclick="TextRender()" >ClickMe </p>
    <div id="output" style="opacity:1;position:absolute;left:50px;width:0px;height:0px;background-color:#40B3DF">
    My text is not rendered when i render the div tag


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    There aren't any inside tags, only some text. And that's showing because nothing is hidden. It's doing exactly what you're telling it to.
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