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    Unhappy Need Help- Keypress navigation Up/Down & Left/Right Arrows

    Hi, so I'm in the process of developing a microsite for class but I'm completely stumped and confused.

    The requirements is that it has to be a one page site (microsite). The way i'm getting around this is using javascript/jquery to show and hide the divs of the other pages. Instead of having each page have it's own key corresponding to it like H for home I want the left and right arrows to be able to navigate between breakfast page, lunch page, dinner page, and anytime page. Then the up and down arrows control which recipe is viewed.

    Currently I have the js set up to have each page correspond to key. I'm worried I have too many divs. I dont' know how to go about organizing this to work. Does anybody have any siggestions?

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    These are my thought and reasons. I take it that the purpose of this site is to display recipes. You want those recipes to be classified as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. OK.

    Don't use arrows to obtain the recipes, use a multi-tiered menu. Why? The menu will show the recipe names at a glance and you can navigate right to it, using arrows makes getting to the needed recipe hard. Let's say you want LUNCH->RUBIN SANDWICH, but you have 15 soup recipes before you even start displaying sandwiches. I'd go elsewhere, wouldn't you?

    I'd next use a three tiered menu to further classify the recipes. LUNCH would show SOUPS SANDWICHES SALADS SIDES
    You can find code for this by goggling "simple three tier menu".

    I'd do a header, next the horizontal drop-down menu, and that leaves a lot of space for the recipes. You don't need a footer so you have a simple html design.

    I'm worried I have too many divs.
    Don't think there is a limit on the amount of divs you can have, maybe the browsers have one?? But if that becomes a problem we can change strategies. Also, if a lot of divs give us long load times, we might want to look into iframes or ajax, but hold off on that.

    Hope this points you in a direction.
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