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    Question School project pulling my gamer info from my XBOX LIVE account to a SQL Database.


    I am beginning to build the quarter project for database design class (we are using SQL). My intent is to build tables that will automatically populate with my gamer information from my XBOX LIVE profile. I have ran all of the code through an online JSON formatting program to get a better idea of how to construct my tables. I had never heard of JSON before yesterday (26APR) so this is all very new to me.

    My Question: Is it possible to use JSON in conjunction with SQL to automatically populate my tables? Do I need to use an intermediary language to bridge the gap between JSON and SQL?

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    Json is not a programming language. It's a text:data interchange format. It needs a language such as javascript or php to read it and retrieve information from it.
    Since you want to store the information recovered from a json file into a database you should select a server side language that communicates with SQL and with json.
    Php, for one, does this.

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