I've got a website and when people visit my page for the first time (by cookie or IP) I want them to ask to fill out my enquête (about the website and where the website is about). What code do I need to:

  • let a dialogbox appear which asks "Do you want to fill in ..." and with a "yes" and "no"button.
  • If they click "yes", they should go further to a link (new tab) where my survey is stored (like "www.survey.com/").
  • If they click no the dialog should disappear.

I would prefer a cookie above the IP if that is possible.

Notice that i use Wix (wix.com) to build my website, so I can't write some code into the header, just in the body (by drag and drop a box and fill in the HTML code)

Finally, I want to apologize for my bad English.