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    Passing form using JSON

    I wonder if somebody can help me please. I've got a form that I want to send to a different page via JSON but I've never used JSON before. I've tried to read about it but I don't understand. I want to send the variables as one string. So for example I want to send the results like this: submit.php?FORM=fred|fred@somewhere.com|12/12/2012 So the users' name, email address and date of birth are sent as one string. The form looks like this:

    <form action="http://www.somewhere.com/submit.php" method="get" name="email" id="email" onSubmit="return validate_form()" style="margin: 0 0 15px 5px; text-align: center;">
    									  									<p style="margin: 5px 0; text-align: center; font-size: 13px; text-transform: uppercase;">Please enter your name:</p>
    									<p style="margin: 0px;"><input name="name" type="text" id="name" value="name" onFocus="if(this.value=='name')this.value='';" style="width: 310px; margin: 5px 0; height: 25px; border: 0px solid #FFFFFF; font-size: 15px; padding: 5px; font-weight: bold; color: #666666;"/></p><p style="margin: 5px 0; text-align: center; font-size: 13px; text-transform: uppercase;">Please enter your name:</p><input name="email" id="email" type="text" value="email"></p>
    									<p style="margin: 5px 0; text-align: center; font-size: 13px; text-transform: uppercase;">and your date of birth:</p>
    									    <p style="margin-top: 0px;">Date: <select name="day" id="day">
    									      <option value="">-</option>
    									      <option value="01">01</option>
    									      <option value="02">02</option>
    									      <option value="03">03</option>
    									      <option value="04">04</option>
    									      <option value="05">05</option>
    									      <option value="06">06</option>
    									      <option value="07">07</option>
    									      <option value="08">08</option>
    									      <option value="09">09</option>
    									      <option value="10">10</option>
    									      <option value="11">11</option>
    									      <option value="12">12</option>
    									      <option value="13">13</option>
    									      <option value="14">14</option>
    									      <option value="15">15</option>
    									      <option value="16">16</option>
    									      <option value="17">17</option>
    									      <option value="18">18</option>
    									      <option value="19">19</option>
    									      <option value="20">20</option>
    									      <option value="21">21</option>
    									      <option value="22">22</option>
    									      <option value="23">23</option>
    									      <option value="24">24</option>
    									      <option value="25">25</option>
    									      <option value="26">26</option>
    									      <option value="27">27</option>
    									      <option value="28">28</option>
    									      <option value="29">29</option>
    									      <option value="30">30</option>
    									      <option value="31">31</option>
    									    </select> Month: <select name="month" id="month">
    									      <option value="">-</option>
    									      <option value="01">January</option>
    									      <option value="02">February</option>
    									      <option value="03">March</option>
    									      <option value="04">April</option>
    									      <option value="05">May</option>
    									      <option value="06">June</option>
    									      <option value="07">July</option>
    									      <option value="08">August</option>
    									      <option value="09">September</option>
    									      <option value="10">October</option>
    									      <option value="11">November</option>
    									      <option value="12">December</option>
    									    </select> Year: <select name="year" id="year">
    									      <option value="">-</option>
    									      <option value="1900">1900</option>
    									      <option value="1901">1901</option>
    									      <option value="1902">1902</option>
    									      <option value="1903">1903</option>
    									      <option value="1904">1904</option>
    									      <option value="1905">1905</option>
    									      <option value="1906">1906</option>
    									      <option value="1907">1907</option>
    									      <option value="1908">1908</option>
    									      <option value="1909">1909</option>
    									      <option value="1910">1910</option>
    									      <option value="1911">1911</option>
    									      <option value="1912">1912</option>
    									      <option value="1913">1913</option>
    									      <option value="1914">1914</option>
    									      <option value="1915">1915</option>
    									      <option value="1916">1916</option>
    									      <option value="1917">1917</option>
    									      <option value="1918">1918</option>
    									      <option value="1919">1919</option>
    									      <option value="1920">1920</option>
    									      <option value="1921">1921</option>
    									      <option value="1922">1922</option>
    									      <option value="1923">1923</option>
    									      <option value="1924">1924</option>
    									      <option value="1925">1925</option>
    									      <option value="1926">1926</option>
    									      <option value="1927">1927</option>
    									      <option value="1928">1928</option>
    									      <option value="1929">1929</option>
    									      <option value="1930">1930</option>
    									      <option value="1931">1931</option>
    									      <option value="1932">1932</option>
    									      <option value="1933">1933</option>
    									      <option value="1934">1934</option>
    									      <option value="1935">1935</option>
    									      <option value="1936">1936</option>
    									      <option value="1937">1937</option>
    									      <option value="1938">1938</option>
    									      <option value="1939">1939</option>
    									      <option value="1940">1940</option>
    									      <option value="1941">1941</option>
    									      <option value="1942">1942</option>
    									      <option value="1943">1943</option>
    									      <option value="1944">1944</option>
    									      <option value="1945">1945</option>
    									      <option value="1946">1946</option>
    									      <option value="1947">1947</option>
    									      <option value="1948">1948</option>
    									      <option value="1949">1949</option>
    									      <option value="1950">1950</option>
    									      <option value="1951">1951</option>
    									      <option value="1952">1952</option>
    									      <option value="1953">1953</option>
    									      <option value="1954">1954</option>
    									      <option value="1955">1955</option>
    									      <option value="1956">1956</option>
    									      <option value="1957">1957</option>
    									      <option value="1958">1958</option>
    									      <option value="1959">1959</option>
    									      <option value="1960">1960</option>
    									      <option value="1961">1961</option>
    									      <option value="1962">1962</option>
    									      <option value="1963">1963</option>
    									      <option value="1964">1964</option>
    									      <option value="1965">1965</option>
    									      <option value="1966">1966</option>
    									      <option value="1967">1967</option>
    									      <option value="1968">1968</option>
    									      <option value="1969">1969</option>
    									      <option value="1970">1970</option>
    									      <option value="1971">1971</option>
    									      <option value="1972">1972</option>
    									      <option value="1973">1973</option>
    									      <option value="1974">1974</option>
    									      <option value="1975">1975</option>
    									      <option value="1976">1976</option>
    									      <option value="1977">1977</option>
    									      <option value="1978">1978</option>
    									      <option value="1979">1979</option>
    									      <option value="1980">1980</option>
    									      <option value="1981">1981</option>
    									      <option value="1982">1982</option>
    									      <option value="1983">1983</option>
    									      <option value="1984">1984</option>
    									      <option value="1985">1985</option>
    									      <option value="1986">1986</option>
    									      <option value="1987">1987</option>
    									      <option value="1988">1988</option>
    									      <option value="1989">1989</option>
    									      <option value="1990">1990</option>
    									      <option value="1991">1991</option>
    									      <option value="1992">1992</option>
    									      <option value="1993">1993</option>
    									      <option value="1994">1994</option>
    									<input name="submit" type="image"src="../images/send.png" value="send" style="margin: 5px 0 12px 0px;"/>
    I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but the submit.php file is on another domain which is on a different server.

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    There are a lot of solutions available that will serialize (which is the term describing what you want to achieve) form fields (e.g. Javascript form serialize) . But in the end you will most probably end up with something like
    which is the common format for URI parameters.

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    Hmm, that's what I thought might be the case. I'll have a look at that link though, thanks


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