Hello, I'm a little confused on how to retrieve my JSON object from a different page. I believe I may be creating/storing it incorrectly and was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction. I am developing a PhoneGap application and using LawnChair for light storage.

The JSON I am storing here

Page 1 (where I need to store the JSON) Snippet:
$.getJSON(serviceURL + 'getTaskDetails.php?id='+id, storeTasks); 

function storeTasks(data) {

  var tasks = Lawnchair({name:'tasks'},function(e){});

  var taskList = data.tasks;


The console.info reads:
key "task"

value Object { name="Level fireplace mantle", start_date="2012-01-22 00:00:00", created_by="rachel.rinaldi@gmail.com"}
How would I access task again from another page? I need to loop through the elements to create a list - but just trying to 'get' individual elements is not working.

Page 2 - Retrieval (Snippet)
        this.get('task', function(obj) {
The above returns the object, but won't let me reference individual elements (ex: I've tried obj.name or obj.tasks.name or obj.Object.name all result in "undefined") Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?