Hi guys,

Im absolutely new to javascript and I dont have any clue how to describe my problem in a way a programer would do, so I will try in my own words ...

Im using a SWITCH-ID / GET ELEMENT BY ID command to open certain parts on my website. Now I have three problems/questions:

(Here is the link to the site my questions are related to: http://dkmotion.com/film/)

1 - On a mac (Safari, Opera, Firefox) When you open a certain section, the section stays fixed, no scrolling. But on a PC, when you open a section, the site scrolls to the top and the user has to scroll down the way again by himself. Any ideas how to fix this?

2 - Is there any possibility to set a link to a certain ID and open this automatically?

3 - Im embedding VIMEO vids to the site. By open up a certain ID a vimeo video is shown. Is there any possibilety to pause the video when the user clicks on another ID?

Thank you so much for your help!

Cheers and all the best,